Clairemont Water Store provides Healthy, Clean, Refreshing Purified Water. We have an extensive selection of Bottles and Accessories. Now featuring pH / ORP Alkaline Water.

Only 40 cents per gallon whether you're:

  • Inside at our Water Bar During Store Hours
  • Outside at our Vendor 24 / 7

You get the Same Great Tasting Purified Water


Drinking adequate quantities of water helps nearly every part of the human body function. Considering that our bodies are almost two-thirds water, understanding the important role water plays in the body can provide for a fountain of health, energy, enthusiasm, and youthful appearance.

Health Benefits of Water:

  • More Energy overall… and when you NEED it!
  • Perform Better… Physically – Mentally - Emotionally
  • Lose Weight ‘Naturally’… many confuse Thirst with Hunger
  • Healthy Brain… reduces Headaches and Dizziness due to Dehydration
  • Helps with Digestion… and Converting Food into Energy
  • Facilitates Elimination of Metabolic Waste… Sweat More Toxins Out!

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